Monday, July 12, 2010

Baguio transient houses

Baguio transient houses are units out for rent for those visiting baguio. Although there are a lot of hotels in Baguio, patrons opt to avail of these houses as all living amenities are available and they can save a great deal as compared if they check into the hotel.

Transient unit prices range from P300-p800/head or P3,000 -P10,000 for the whole unit per day. It would depend on location, appearance of the unit and amenities of the unit.

My available units are:
  • Unit A - 2 bedroom unit - condo type - located at sarok camp 7, 2 kms from the city proper, P45.00 by taxi from victory liner terminal
2 bedrooms with beds and beddings
kitchen with stove, ref, gas, cooking and dining utensils
toilet and bath with hot and cold shower
living room with cable tv
secured parking space

rate: 500/head/day

Unit B - 4 bedroom luxury townhouse - located at chapis village, 2 kms from the city proper, P45.00 by taxi from victory liner terminal

hotel type bedroom with comforters and beddings
additional sofa beds
private toilet and bath with hot and cold shower and bath tub
secured parking

rate: P500/head/day

want to surprise your partner by doing something sweet?

special accommodation for honeymooners: with wine and strawberries and rose petals awaiting your arrival - P800/head/day (strictly by reservation)

Baguio apartment rates

Apartments, pads, flats, whatever you may call them, they're all the same.. its a place to live in.. a place you can call home.. a place where you can have space and just be yourself..

And thats where the problem lies..

Finding the right apartment is like finding the right shoes.. the one that suits you, fits and is comfortable.. If you plan to stay for a month, imagine wearing shoes that are too small or too big or literally scrape the skin of your foot for a whole month.. oh yes, that would be unbearable..

So what do we do? we plan...

You have to know how long you want to stay, how much your budget is and what you need.. Do you want it unfurnished? furnished? or semifurnished?

Dont worry, i will guide you through..

lets start with 1 bedroom apartments - 1 bedroom apartments for transients or (renters who stay for 1-30 days) are hard to find.. Students take most of these apartments and owners prefer long term renters.

So if you plan to stay for a week or so.. this blog is not for you.. I will post another blog just for you guys so please be so kind and bear with me for a while.. I cannot impart all that i know in one big poof..

Going back.. the question i am asked over and over and over again is this : "how much?" and my very smart, very thought of reply is: "which unit?".

Rates vary.. Rates depend on the location of the unit, the amenities included and what the unit looks like. Units located closer to the city proper cost more than those which are located 15 minutes away. The fact of the matter is, units nearer the city proper are more often than not, not as good looking as those farther away. Because, the target renters are students. So if you want a unit near the center, do not in any way expect to be given a classy unit with what you pay for.

Dont be discouraged. Baguio is a small city.. what is 15 minutes away from the city proper when you get to be comfortable in a nice, well built unit? Compare it to manila where you take an hour just to get from point A to point B.

So here are the usual rates excluding city services:

1 bedroom apartment
unfurnished (meaning bare) - ranges from P5000 - P8000
furnished (depending on amenities) - ranges from P8500 - 12,000

2 bedroom apartment
unfurnished - P6,000 - P10,000
furnished - P10,000 - P18,000

3 bedroom apartment
unfurnished - P8,000 - P15,000
furnished - P15,000 - P25,000

City services: (water, electricity, internet) would range from P500-P2,000 per month depending on how you use it.

Again, if you pay the minimum of every unit, do not expect much. I had one client who had a budget of P6,000/month for a 1 bedroom apartment ask me if the unit had a microwave! Please people...

Condominium units on the other hand are another thing, rates also vary with location and amenities..

1 bedroom -
furnished - 12,000 - 18,000
2 bedrooms -
furnished - 20,000 - 25,000
3 bedrooms -
furnished - 25,000 -35,000

I will have another blog with all available units posted so stay tuned!

Baguio - The place to be!

Man is an insatiable being. What he has, he does not appreciate, he wants more of something, of everything, of anything, everyday. He wants to travel the world.. and as if the world is not big enough, he still wants to conquer the universe.

Has he experienced all that this earth could offer him for him to start seeking out life in mars, in the moon or in the planet of the apes for that matter? Has he experienced BAGUIO yet?


Imagine feeling the cool wind blowing through your hair.. and i mean cool wind, not just from that air conditioner which adds up greatly to your monthly electric bill per month or from that fan you always wish would turn into an air conditioner especially in the months of march, april and may...

Are you still with me? Imagine the smell of pine trees... whats that? oh no, not the pine tree air freshener you see hanging on mr. manong cab driver's rear view mirror.. its that pleasant smell every morning when you take your morning runs.. and that same sweet smell when you take your late afternoon walks.

Imagine not having to deal with an hour's worth of traffic one-way and having more time fixing your hair or checking your mail or playing with your kids, or dogs, cats, farmville or whatever you need to have more time for.

Now this, imagine the feel of a strawberry on your lips.. ok, ok, bite now.. imagine the taste of its pure juiciness filling your mouth.. the sweetness that exudes from that heart shaped wonder with every bite.. the... yes, mr. guy in the back? oh, you dont like strawberries? very well, there are potatoes and brocolli readily available for you.

Sounds like you just want to quit your job and pack your bags and move to baguio? no.. no.. wait a minute.. lets not get hasty.. i think you're forgetting something.. 1.. 2.. omg, you're so smart..! of course, you need a place to stay before anything else..

Finding the perfect place to have your butt settled in is a dilemma lots of my clients face.. thats why i make sure that all needs are met, all questions are answered and facts are downright straight..

See you in my next blog!